Frequently Asked Questions

Are any members of the Mayo family still affiliated with Mayo Clinic?

Yes. The Mayo family remains dedicated to and active with Mayo Clinic. In 1919, Dr. William J. Mayo and his wife, Hattie, and Dr. Charles H. Mayo and his wife, Edith, gave the assets of Mayo's private medical practice and a significant amount of their personal savings to create a not-for-profit medical organization. Although the Mayo family no longer owns or controls Mayo Clinic, several descendants work here, and many members of the extended Mayo family provide generous philanthropic support.

What happened to the old museum that Mayo Clinic used to have?

From 1933 to 1988, we had a museum in Rochester, Minn., that went by various names — Mayo Museum of Medicine and Hygiene, Mayo Medical Museum, etc. This museum closed due to space constraints. The Barbara Woodward Lips Patient Education Center at Mayo Clinic undertook and enhanced the old museum's educational activities. Most exhibits from the old museum have been dismantled or placed in storage.

Do you accept donations of historic items?

Yes. We are particularly interested in items related to the history of medicine and the history of Mayo Clinic. Please contact the Department of Development:
Toll-free - 800-297-1185
Email -

Mayo Clinic is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. Gifts are tax deductible as provided by law. IRS regulations require independent appraisal to identify the value of donated property.

Items that meet our collections criteria will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged by the Mayo Clinic Archive and Mayo Clinic Heritage Hall.