Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center

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Mayo Clinic leadership recognized early on that American health care urgently needed reform to ensure the future of quality patient care. Mayo leaders also understood that widespread consensus and collaboration would be essential to successful health care reform. The Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center was formed to concentrate on those needs.

Through the Health Policy Center, Mayo Clinic brought its expertise and objective, patient-centered approach to address the tremendous challenges and exciting opportunities of health care reform.

Between 2006 and 2010, the Health Policy Center convened key stakeholders — health care providers, academics, representatives from the medical industry and related businesses, insurers, political leaders, and patients — for a series of events that helped develop consensus-driven principles to inform the health care reform process. The principles stand the test of time and are a sound foundation for ongoing health reform efforts.

Cornerstones for reform
More than 2,000 participants in Health Policy Center-sponsored symposia, conferences and forums worked together to establish these four cornerstones for health care reform:

  • Create value. Improve patient health outcomes and satisfaction with U.S. health care. Decrease medical errors, costs and waste.
  • Provide health insurance for all. Provide guaranteed, portable health insurance for all individuals. Give them choice, control and peace of mind.
  • Coordinate care. Coordinate patient care services across people, functions, activities, locations and time to increase value. Ensure active patient participation in the process.
  • Reform payment. Change the way providers are paid to reward care that improves health and minimizes waste.

Moving forward
The Health Policy Center favorably influenced health care reform legislation and established thousands of relationships that form the foundation for future collaborations. Going forward, the ongoing work to secure an environment that enables Mayo's ability to deliver the highest value care to our patients will be carried out by the Division of Government Relations, which was formed in 2011.

This division will focus on preserving Mayo Clinic's ability to always put the needs of the patient first. In addition, the Division of Government Relations will protect and advance the interests and strength of Mayo Clinic's three shields: education, research and clinical practice.

As always, Mayo Clinic continues to be committed to ensuring sound public policies that promote a sustainable and high-quality health care system in our country.