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Community Health Needs Assessment

Mayo Clinic performs a community health needs assessment to better serve its populations.

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Mayo Clinic Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, is dedicated to supporting and positively impacting the health and well-being of all people through advances in medical practice, education and research. Mayo Clinic's community benefit activities reflect its belief in traditional medical care as well as the confluence of factors that impact health and well-being — socio-economic and environmental factors, lifestyle, and educational components of health and quality of life. On the Florida campus, community benefit activities include investment in programs and initiatives designed to improve the health, well-being and quality of life for local and regional residents and communities.

Mayo Clinic provides funding and in-kind support for new and existing programs and initiatives that address significant and emergent unmet or underfunded needs specific to basic human services, education, workforce development, youth and elderly enrichment, health care disparities, and the built environment. Community benefit activities align efforts to enhance the clinic's capacity to meet its mission, improve individual and overall community health, enable long-term capacity-building and sustainability, and accelerate collaborative endeavors with other community agencies, organizations and constituents.

Community health needs assessment

About the Jacksonville Metropolitan Community Benefit Partnership

In July 2011, leaders from Baptist Health, Brooks Rehabilitation, the Clay County Health Department, the Duval County Health Department, Mayo Clinic, the Nassau County Health Department, the Putnam County Health Department, UF Health Jacksonville, St. Vincent's HealthCare and Wolfson Children's Hospital came together and formed the Jacksonville Metropolitan Community Benefit Partnership to conduct the first-ever multihospital system and public health sector collaborative community health needs assessment. The partnership consists of a network of five health care systems (nine nonprofit hospitals) and four public health departments that stand for a shared voice and vision of improving population health and wellness in the Jacksonville metropolitan area. The partnership's vision is to improve population health in the region by eliminating the gaps that prevent access to quality, integrated care and to improve access to resources that support a healthy lifestyle. In 2014, Baptist Health/Wolfson Children's Hospital, Brooks Rehabilitation, Mayo Clinic, UF Health Jacksonville and St. Vincent's HealthCare initiated the second community health needs assessment.

Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida 2014 community benefit activities

Selected highlights

  • Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida sponsored and hosted the national premier of "Start Moving Start Living," a documentary chronicling musculoskeletal disparities and their disproportionate impact on Hispanic and African-American women. The documentary premiered in two local venues and attracted a diverse audience, including health care providers and policymakers, local residents, community-based thought leaders, and executives from the private and public sectors. Mayo Clinic also partnered with the local PBS station to premier the documentary on television.
  • Mayo Clinic continued its partnership with the Sulzbacher Center, Northeast Florida's largest provider of comprehensive services for homeless men, women and children. The center is one of a few in the nation to offer a full range of services for the homeless 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The clinic's contributions to the center enable after-hours access to mental health services and basic dermatologic and musculoskeletal procedures.
  • Mayo Clinic continues to serve as the reference laboratory for the Volunteers in Medicine Jacksonville Clinic. The clinic provides free, outpatient, primary health care to low-income, working adults and their families. Mayo provides laboratory analysis of specimens to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Mayo Clinic joined the city of Jacksonville and other institutions and community, business and philanthropic partners to develop a targeted strategy to fully integrate low-income neighborhoods in northwest Jacksonville into overall city economic development. The initiative, the Community Wealth Building Roundtable, draws upon similar successful endeavors in Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Amarillo, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and metropolitan Washington, D.C.
  • Mayo Clinic staff continued implementation and monitoring of the 2013 community health needs assessment implementation plan, which included 10 community benefit initiatives designed to positively impact one of the most significant, prevalent and persistent health care issues in our community — obesity.
  • Mayo Clinic is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Jacksonville region by conducting research, educating underserved communities, participating in and sponsoring community events, and providing specialty medical consultations to those in need. Each year, Mayo sponsors about 30 events, and more than 740 Mayo employees volunteer in community activities.